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Small Animal Reproduction Services

Reproductive Services Available
Houston County Animal Clinic is proud to offer full service canine reproduction services. From timing the breeding with progesterone done in house and results available same day, to artificial breeding, ultrasounds and monitoring difficult pregnancies to whelping assistance and caesarian sections.

C-Sections scheduled are preferred, but emergencies are available.

We can evaluate semen, freeze, and ship it as well, with storage available in house.

If you have any reproductive questions, call and let us help.

Can't get to us, but need help, you can send your sample for progesterone testing as well.

Some of the small animal reproductive services we offer include:

• In house progesterones with same day results
• Ultrasounds for pregnancy
• Ultrasounds monitoring difficult pregnancies
• Artificial insemination (including surgical)
• Freezing semen available by appointment
• C-sections
• Difficult pregnancies
• Hard to get bred
• Monitoring available
• Puppy health checks? We can do all that plus help with vaccination and deworming protocols.
• Need OFA certifications? Radiographs, thyroid, cardiac are all available.

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